gate metallurgy test series

There are many good test Series for GATE Metallurgy (MT) Exam Preparation. But students should be able to identify the good and the not-so-good test series before making a purchase.

The key points to note are:

  1. Many Test Series are very tough and are not of GATE Metallurgy (MT) level. Most Questions of GATE Metallurgy (MT) can be solved in a maximum of 3-4 minutes. But if a test series gives questions that a student will take many steps to calculate and 8-10 minutes to solve, then the test series is not having GATE Metallurgy (MT) type of questions.
  2. Many institutes that train both for GATE and IES mix questions from both types of tests.
    This is not a good test series as the type and style of questions of both exams are different.
  3. Blocking Test Series:
    Some institutes have a practice of blocking your test series if you do not submit your GATE Admit Card details. This is an illegal practice. When you have purchased a product, at no point does any institute have the right to block access on such frivolous grounds.
  4. CAREER AVENUES provides an excellent Test Series for the GATE Metallurgy (MT) Branch.

Here are the features of the Career Avenues GATE Metallurgy (MT) Test Series.

GATE Metallurgy (MT) like platform including virtual calculator.

Strong GATE Metallurgy (MT) test analysis that helps you understand your strong and weak areas.

Require very little internet bandwidth.

  1. Can be answered on Smart-Phones as well.
  2. All numerical questions with detailed explanations.
  3. All India Rankings for select mock papers.
  4. Questions made by GATE Metallurgy (MT) toppers are of the perfect level.

Also, buy: 

GATE 2023 Metallurgy Previous Year Questions book with detailed explanations


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