Best books for GATE Metallurgy

Best Books To Prepare For GATE Metallurgy (MT) Examination Subject(s) Book Title(s) & Author(s) / Publication(s) Extraction of Non-Fressous Metal Extraction of Non-Fressous Metal 01 Edition: Ray An Introduction to Modern Iron Making An Introduction to Modern Iron...

Why do you need a test series pack for GATE?

Understand the importance of solving Test Series for the GATE exam In any competitive examination such as GATE, there are four parts to your preparation First Part: To understand what you are preparing for:  This requires you to go through the past GATE papers and...

Importance of Solving Past GATE Questions

Importance of solving Past GATE questions When Arjuna went into the Mahabharata war, I am sure he checked his bows and arrows. He would have checked whether the wheels of his chariots were well oiled. He would have checked whether his armor was strong and fit him...
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