Why GATE-oriented study material is more effective than standard books to prepare for GATE?


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It is often the query of a large number of students preparing for the GATE examination as to which would be the right books to prepare for GATE.

Students normally look at two options:

  1. The first is their own standard books that they have been referring to while studying the subject during their graduation. Students feel that they know that book inside out. They are familiar with the book because they have studied it once and the book is comprehensive for the subject. So they feel that it is the best book to prepare for GATE.
  2. Secondly, they feel that answering questions of the past years would be sufficient to crack GATE.

At Career Avenues, we believe that the approach of the students is right sometimes, but they miss the woods for the trees.

When you are trying to prepare for a competitive exam, the first thing that you need to do is:

  1. To understand the syllabus.
  2. To know the more important and the less important areas from where questions are asked in the last many years.

Why studying from standard books is not considered the right choice for GATE Preparation?

  • A standard textbook covers the length and breadth of the subject but that may be not required for GATE.
  • The standard books do not tell you anything about what is important.
  • The most important point is that there are many application-driven questions in GATE. Most of the standard textbooks do not have that as a part of the book.
  • Even if there are some questions: they are either very long or they are not structured in a way that you can call them as GATE type of questions.

Career Avenues Student Feedback on GATE oriented Study Material

It has been our experience that when a student prepares from GATE-specific theory books along with questions that have been given in that book. They prepare more effectively and much faster compared to when preparing from standard books. Yes, we also advise students to use the standard books if they get stuck somewhere or find the GATE-specific book sometimes too precise in some concept. But largely, we think the student should follow a book that has been made specifically for GATE. There have to be horses for courses.

If you know how to play cricket you still need to practice separately for a T20 match, a 50-over match, and a test match. Exactly in the same way, if you know Thermodynamics or Fluid Mechanics or Network Theory or any other subject. That is one part of your GATE preparation. The second is adapting your knowledge of that particular subject to a specific examination.

Career Avenues GATE Books are structured to improve the effectiveness of your learning and also reduce overall time to prepare.

All important concepts are highlighted, and many practice questions and past GATE questions are also shared in each book.

GATE Study material is made by Career Avenues faculty. The faculties are GATE toppers with a lot of experience teaching GATE students.

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