Importance of solving Past GATE questions


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When Arjuna went into the Mahabharata war, I am sure he checked his bows and arrows. He would have checked whether the wheels of his chariots were well oiled. He would have checked whether his armor was strong and fit him well. However, the smart Arjuna may have still missed a few tricks had it not been for Lord Krishna to advise him. Krishna was his Sarathi and understood the strengths and weaknesses of each of Arjuna’s opponents. He was hence able to advise Arjuna on how to prepare for each battle and how to come out with a winner in all of them.

This analogy will also help you understand what should be your preparation for a competitive examination like GATE. Of course, you should know the syllabus. You should do all the theoretical preparation. You should solve a lot of questions. But we think that the most important part of the preparation is closely looking at all the past GATE questions. Solving them at least a couple of times in your overall preparation.

What you will learn from solving Past GATE Questions?

1) You will understand how GATE tests each concept and how GATE questions are structured.

2)  It is very likely that questions in the GATE that you answer would not be very differently structured than the past questions. Either you may have a different set of numbers or you may have a different set of assumptions or if x has been asked in an equation in one GATE then this time y may be asked.

Even if you are talking about concept-based questions at least you get a familiarity with the type of questions that are being asked. When you prepare for GATE and you are answering these questions, you will read these concepts and you will read a little more around these concepts. New questions in GATE would be either the same concept or from around those concepts. So solving past GATE questions is a very important part of GATE preparation.

At Career Avenues, we suggest you solve past GATE questions two times in your preparation.

The first is when you are going through the theory of each subject. After doing the theory you should know what type of questions have been asked from this theory in an actual GATE paper.

The second round should be when you are going to be starting your section test and mocks. That is about two or three months before your GATE. Now you familiarise yourself with the thinking that the GATE test makers employ to test you.

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