Understand the importance of solving Test Series for the GATE exam


Importance of solving Test Series for GATE by Career Avenues.

In any competitive examination such as GATE, there are four parts to your preparation

First Part:

To understand what you are preparing for:  This requires you to go through the past GATE papers and understand the paper pattern and the nature of questions. You also get to understand the difficulty level, the depth of the syllabus, and where you currently stand before you have started your preparation.

Second Part:

To start preparing your GATE concepts: This is to ensure that you are fundamentally strong to answer any GATE question.

Third Part:

Periodic revision:  So that you do not forget anything and all-important concepts stay fresh in your mind. Also, this helps in keeping your focus on areas you are weak at.

Fourth Part:

GATE Test Series:  The fourth part of the most important. Just being fundamentally strong in concepts does not help if you do not test it in real situations.

For example, you may have practiced running fast for months but if you do not race with good quality competitors on a proper racing track, you will not know how good you are. Similarly, you may have read about all the rules of fishing, but if you do not go out into the lake or sea and actually try and catch fish, you do not know if you’re learning is of any use or not. In the same way for an exam like GATE, you need to answer a large number of tests.

There are two types of tests:

  1. Tests that focus on individual GATE concepts.
  2. Tests that simulate the experience of the actual GATE examination.

A good mock test series pack is the most important element of preparing for a competitive examination. A good mock test series benchmarks you against other students who are preparing for the same examination so that you know how much more effort you need to put in to be able to get a good rank. 

Career Avenues offers excellent Test Series for GATE exam in all the GATE branches.

You can check the list of tests in their test series schedule on www.cavindia.com

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